Yatsenko Alexander Sergeevich is a master of sports in track and fied and triathlon, coach of modern pentathlon, running, swimming, and triathlon.

He coaches professionals from different countries, as well as the amateurs. His athletes perform and win at all competition levels, such as: Championships of Russia and the CIS countries, World Cups, World and European Championships, they make selection for the Olympic Games. The amateurs that train with Aleksandr Yatsenko easily finish Ironman distances, marathons and also easily perform at any amateur triathlon and running tournaments.

Master of sports in track and field and triathlon

Coach of modern pentatlon, running, swimming, and triathlon

The results of his athletes are always progressing. Each athlete requires an individual approach. The coach will not only train you, but also manage the recovery and lead you to the start, explain and answer questions about sports and your health. The coach is constantly in touch with each athlete.


One-time personal consultation — 10.000 rubles

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