Horse riding at a distance of 350-450 m through an obstacle course. The height of the obstacles is up to 120 cm, the width is
up to 150. Among these obstacles there must be one double and one triple system. To complete the route, a control time is set (for example, for a distance of 400 m it is 2:18 minutes). The result
of the participants’ performance is determined by subtracting penalty points from the initial 300 points: for overdue time (1 point for every “extra” second) and technical errors. If the athlete has exceeded the time limit more than 2 times, he receives 0 points
for his performance. For each destroyed obstacle 10 points are deducted, 10 points are deducted for a “refusal” (the horse’s refusal to jump over an obstacle), for 4 refusals the rider is removed from the competition and receives 0 points.
According to the rules, the “acquaintance” of the rider with the horse (according to the lottery) takes place 20 minutes before the start. During the warm-up, the pentathlete can jump over five test obstacles on his horse.

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