Ulyana created the world’s only sports diary for modern pentathlon, which many athletes from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland heve already fallen in love with.

We receive orders of the Sports Diaries from many athletes and coaches from other countries, since our diary is not only in Russian, but also in English.

In 2020, Ulyana introduced her brand UNDER BY ME, which specializes in contemporary running gear, tracksuits and sports diaries for sports such as modern pentathlon, swimming, fencing, triathlon and basketball.

A little about our sports diaries and their uniqueness:

In the diary, you will record all your workouts, set goals and objectives for the upcoming season

In addition to training, you will take notes about your psychological and emotional state, as well as the comments from the coach.

Most importantly, you will learn to analyze yourself, your actions and thoughts. Thus, you will gain confidence in yourself, your potential and strength.

The diary will become a great helper and friend. It will always be with you: at home, at practice or at competitions.

We offer to customize the diaries for schools, clubs or your spor

The minimum circulation is 200-300 copies, the price includes the creation of the cover, all edits, printing in a printing house, and delivery. There is an option to make a paperback instaed of the stadard hard cover, and it is cheaper.

For all questions email us at underbyme@mail.ru


About our gear:

Our brand manufactures and produces sports gear. We have developed a gear that meets the high demands of the world’s top athletes. For each client, we develop and create a unique design that emphasizes belonging to a one strong team, we offer personalization, we can add your sponsors’ logos, as well as produce gear in any color upon request. And all this is already included in the price

We accept orders for a team of 10 or more people. You can order items from our assortment separetely or in a complete set consisting of 7 items: training shorts and a T-shirt, dress shorts, a T-shirt, and a polo shirt, a dress sweatshirt and dress sweatpants. Our assortment can be expanded upon the request of the customer, for example, with longsleeves, leggings, tights, etc.

E-mail us to discuss further: underbyme@mail.ru

You can also order ready-made sets of running gear with our corporate design — a wing in«All Products» section of the online store. Delivery is within 1-3 days.

We collaborate and manufacture gear for the national teams of Russia, Belarus, Argentina, Egypt, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan. Together with the athletes, we have developed the gear that fully meets the requirements and needs of professionals.

In our running gear, you will run faster than the wind and set personal records, and the super modern design, in which we put our soul, will help you with this.

Our tracksuits will bring self-confidence and good luck at every competition, because they have a special secret from Ulyana.

The idea of creating sports diaries completely absorbed me a year ago. I wanted to share a piece of modern pentathlon with everyone.
Therefore, I began to translate this idea into reality. I desired to share with young athletes the experience of keeping a diary, as well as to insert the educational part — to make it clear that these are not just notes, but everyday mental work, which will help to be always one step ahead in the future. I invested my entire soul in this project, the artist painted every detail by hand, I thought about the contents of the diary, pursuing the goal of helping and guiding you, I found the best printing house that printed this diary, protected copyrights and called the diary a full-fledged book. But the most important thing in this project is love for our sport, for sport in general, and of course for you. 💗

Let the whole world see the beauty and versatility of not only modern pentathlon, but also its athletes.

Our gear has the same approach

I am insanely proud that we have equipped the Russian national team and that athletes from Egypt, Belarus and Kazakhstan performed in our uniform at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. I am proud of the quality of the gear that my brand creates, and of course your trust. I would like to get better every day and therefore we will make the gear better as well, using the latest materials and technologies🔝 

I always look forward to your feedback on my personal Instagram profile @ulyana_batashova


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