My Story

The beginning

My career in professional sports started quite late. I came to modern pentathlon when I was 18 years old, before that time I had been swimming since 6 years old.

I knew nothing about fencing, shooting, running and equestrian sports. In the small town of Oktyabrsky, where I come from, there are no such sports clubs.

To move into modern pentathlon, I had to make a very serious choice. To say that it was scary to take the first step on this unknown path is to say nothing, but I chose it and follow it, towards my dream.

First success among juniors

Righ after the first pracice, I fell in love with modern pentathlon and a year later I became a prize-winner of the junior championship of Russia. A year later (in 2014) I became a member of the Russian national team among juniors, and we took 3rd place in the team at the European Championship.

In 2015, for the first time I went to the World Championship and became a bronze medalist in the individual competition, won gold in the team, and silver in the relay.

This was the end of my junior age, and it was still very far from the senior national team, according to the results. Then I clearly understood for myself that I needed to grow further, and this required to change the work plan, the coaching staff and actively develop in each discipline, since adult and junior sports are two very different things.


At the end of 2016, I started training with the coach Aleksandr Yatsenko.

In 2017, for the first time, I joined the adult national team of Russia and started competing in the first stages of the World Cup. Not everything went smoothly, but I always made it to the finals. I finished differently, but the best result at that time — 7th place. At the first adult World Championship, our team won silver.

In 2018, I struggled mentally, and it was very difficult. At some point I already thought that this was not for me, that I could no longer continue and I needed to quit sports, as soon as I reached the peak of despair, I got help «from the above» and after that for the first time in my career I won bronze at the World Cup stage.

Then I won the Russian championship and became the fifth in the World Cup final and the World Championship.

I was literally 2 steps behind the pedestal, unfortunately the shooting did not go well at all. I got ranked 4th in the women Senior Pentathlon world ranking.

I started the season of 2019 with a victory at the World Cup. I went smoothly through all other World Cups and took the 1st place in the world ranking.

I consider my worst and most disastrous performance is the European Championship 2019, where I did not get a license for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and all because of bad horse riding. I was devasteted, as I was prepared as never before and then I got to the final with the first result, having performed fine in all disciplines. But… in sports, anything can happen and even «a stick shoots once a year», as we say in Russia. We are given as many challanges and difficulties, as we can overcome.


The season of 2020 started with silver at the World Cup stage, and as it continues, you, my dear ones, will witness this path to the Olympic Games.

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