Since January 1, 2009, 3000m running and shooting have been merged. Currently, only a laser pistol and electronic targets are
used in shooting. According to the rules of the competition, the
800 meters distance must be run 4 times, with breaks at the 4 firing lines. The start is made according to the handicap system – the points are calculated according to the results of the other disciplines and the difference is converted into seconds. In the first 20 meters afer the start, the athletes run up to the firing line. Shooting takes place in 4 series, the targets are 10 m away. In each series 5 targets with a diameter of 59.5 mm must be hit in any as many attempts within the maximum allotted time of 50 seconds. The fastest-firing pentathletes “close” five targets in 10-15 seconds. As soon as the athlete hits 5 targets or the time limit is out, the athlete can start the 800 meters run. Previously, only a single-shot gas (CO2) or pneumatic pistol of 4.5 mm caliber were used, the athlete had to reload the weapon before each shot and after hitting five targets, he continued running (with the shooting record time of 7.22 seconds. The world record for «closing» 15 targets is 28,7 seconds) World record for the combine is 9.56.02 for men, and 11.22.69 – for women.

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